Lost Magics

One of the nice things that having a cataclysmic event in a world’s history, one sufficiently disastrous enough to all but wipe out all intelligent life, is that it leaves behind plenty of ruins and artifacts to find, explore, and discover.

Fortunately for me, it just so happens (by design) that there was such a cataclysmic event.

Of the many possible lost secrets to be discovered (I’ll only mentioning those that are sort of well known secrets) are fragments of lost lore, mysterious artifacts of both mundane and supernatural nature, and, perhaps most sought after, fabled magics only hinted at in the very small surviving magical tradition.

One such artifact, currently in the possession of the Cult Archpriestess of Lanbere (I’ll be detailing this region in a later post), is an ornate wooden staff, inlaid with filigree of gold and topped with an octagonally cut crystal of pale blue. Anyone with Magery who touches it can tell it has power, but so far, that power is undiscovered beyond the fact that touching the staff to water causes several yards of water to become glassy smooth and fogged to opacity.

Another, commonly encountered item that, seemingly at random, is detected as having power, is the traditional Settlement Stone. This is an obelisk on a large hexagonal pedestal that is always, by long lost tradition, built at the center of any settlement. Small villages may not have more than a wooden post where this may someday be built, but will always be constructed of stone. For unexplained reasons, sometimes these will start to exhibit power (to those who are sensitive to such things). Traditionally all of these obelisks have the same carvings. They are written in the standard runes, but in a language nobody knows.

Perhaps someday these writings and the purpose of the stones will become known?