D&D Adventurer’s League Pt. 2

And that brings us to Wednesday March 25. The previous Monday we had been handed our Elemental Evil player/faction packets. A few days before that, the DM for the Adventurer’s League had mentioned starting an in store AD&D 2nd Edition game, but wasn’t sure if he could manage running three games a week. So I offered to take over one of the Adventurer’s League nights to help out. We talked about it a bit, and we figured we’d decide another time. Wednesday shows up, what was supposed to be Session Zero for character building. As I arrived, I was informed that “Guess What? You’re running the Wednesday night D&D Encounters sessions.”

I had no notice, and at that moment, no access to the Princes of the Apocalypse Encounters PDF. We quickly got that figured out and I ran home and printed it up. I then helped with character creation distractedly, while reading as fast as I could, because I was told we were expected to play that night.

We never did get started playing, since half the players had to leave early, and I don’t retain well when cramming.

So, there it is. I was officially running the, as close to by the rules as possible, D&D Adventurer’s League, D&D Encounters, Elemental Evil Story Season, Princes of the Apocalypse sessions.

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D&D Adventurer’s League Pt. 1

How to start this one? I’m sort of recalling a couple of month’s worth of events here tonight.

Round about the end of February, beginning of March my wife and I joined the local FLGS’s D&D Adventurer’s League sessions. As we were at the end of the season for Tyranny of Dragons for Encounters, and still a couple weeks away from the start of Elemental Evil, we were only playing in the Tyranny of Dragons Expeditions game at the time. The DM for these sessions quickly became a friend. Our store has D&D Expeditions on Mondays, usually weekly.

While the store we play at has room, currently, for up to six tables, and currently has five tables set up, we only have enough players for occasionally two tables. However, roughly 50% of the current players play in both Expeditions and Encounters, and the other 50% only play in one or the other. Meaning we only currently mostly fill a single table on any given night.

We were late starting the season, and so we started with DDEX1-1 Defiance in Phlan. We plan to continue until the end of that module in the next couple of weeks and then start DDEX2-1 City of Danger.

The first four sessions went well, and were quite fun. We have had a mostly full to full table every session. The fifth session, this last Monday (March 30) on the other hand…

I know we haven’t been playing a legitimate season, we were mostly playing to play. Otherwise, the fact that all the characters were rolled up using 4d6, reroll any dice that came up 1 or 2, drop the lowest die, 8 times, drop the lowest two rolls, would mean we’d be playing with much higher stats than anyone else playing those same sessions. So, this week’s Monday Session, due to the regular DM being absent, we had a substitute DM. This is the DM from the Horrible Game sessions from November.

Well, that DM is still among the worst DM’s I’ve played under. I still had fun with the game, even though it was a single combat session against five goblins that lasted nearly four hours. ¬†And I don’t know what game we were playing, but it wasn’t D&D 5e. They say that Loonies play a Variant of Spawn of Fashan so variant it’s unrecognizable, well this felt that way for D&D to me. Admittedly, I’ve never played D&D 4e, but some of the rolls he had us make, and modifiers used really didn’t seem like they belonged. And goblins fighting a party of mixed 1st and 2nd level characters should not be doing three attacks a round, and rolling +8 to +15 in D&D 5e.

Ah well. We’ll live, but hopefully he won’t have to sub in anymore.

More next post.