Princes of the Apocalypse Session 3 – The Necromancer dies.

Tonight was a short session. It involved a bit of exploration and the final fight in the Necromancer’s Cave.

Mostly more extremely cautious moving through caves and then killing stuff. At this point, even as 1st level characters, the party has become quite good at killing zombies. The skeletons and crawling claws threw them a bit, but no fatalities this session. Though there were a few close calls.

The gnome Rogue decided to sneak ahead, past the zombie construction tables, to try to take out the necromancer with a sneak attack. So he avoided most of the first part of the fight. By the time he got to the necromancer via stealth, the rest of the party was just left with final mop up against a pair of zombies and a swarm of crawling claws.

This was a good thing, because the necromancer turned out to be far more robust than he expected. He got one attack, the skeleton guards started closing on him, and he began fleeing back towards the rest of the party. He got back to them with several arrows sticking out of himself, with only one hp left.  He made it as well as he did, because a couple of other characters kept the necromancer occupied by shooting him full of arrows in return.

The  necromancer began to flee towards his living chamber, but didn’t make it out of the room.

In general, the fights went as expected, no major surprises… except one. The barbarian decided that he wanted to catch one of the creeping claws, to keep as a pet. Well, that claw had other ideas. After easily avoiding a grab on an opposed Dex check, the claw attacked back – Natural 20! The whole fight so far had seen the claws missing a lot or doing 2-3 damage on successful hits. The barbarian ended up taking 7 damage, and almost died because he’d been hit previously.

Anyhow, all the denizens of the cave were dispatched, the place was scoured within an inch of it’s geological life in search of treasure. The party was happy to gain their first magic items, and a decent stash of gold.

As mentioned, it was a short play session. All to the good, considering only a couple characters had enough experience with 5th Edition to have leveled characters before. Half the table were either new to D&D 5e, or were new to RPGs in general. So we rounded out the evening with moving everyone to 2nd level.

And they were introduced to the first clue that something out of the ordinary was going on, the floating sigil of the Elder Elemental Eye.

The session ended with them returning to Red Larch just as night fell.

Princes of the Apocalypse Session 2. Really this time!

Overloaded table this session. Should have split the table, but at current I’m the only DM working on this campaign. That is changing as we have a couple of backup DMs who are prepping in case we have to split. So we had 10 people at the table, a doubling of characters.

First update: What is it with the more standard D&D races being too mundane for players these days? It seems like nobody wants to play a Human (though 5e has gone a long way to fixing that) anymore. And Elves, Dwarves, and Halflings are also quite rare, unless the elf is a Drow.

The party racial composition now stands at 2 Humans, 1 Dwarf, 1 Deep Gnome, 1 Water Genasi, 1 Tiefling, and 4 Dragonborn.

Class composition: 1 Paladin, 2 Fighters, 1 Warlock, 1 Cleric, 2 Barbarians, 1 Druid, and 2 Rogues.

Not the most balanced party in the world, but they seem to be getting the job done.


Anyhow, after returning to Red Larch at the end of the previous session, the party decided to head to Lance Rock to investigate the rumors of a plague. Along the way they had a couple of random encounters, and saw some unusual activities in the distance, too far to investigate properly (foreshadowing of things to come).

Upon arrival at lance rock, the party decided to ignore the sign warning of plague and proceeded into the caverns. Since there’s not much roleplaying opportunity when dealing with zombies, it was a pretty combat heavy session. The party cleared roughly half of the Necromancer’s Cave by the time session ended, and much fun was had by all and nobody died.

Will they fare as well as they proceed deeper into the cave system?

Find out next time on Princes of the Apocalypse.

Princes of the Apocalypse, Session 1

Welcome to Red Larch.

I don’t know why, but first sessions always start off a bit uncertainly. I’m guessing it has to do with nobody being fully in sync with their brand new characters, and especially with store groups that are semi random, frequently involve either new players who haven’t had the chance to learn much about the setting yet, or players who generally don’t really care about the setting. So it can be difficult to get a game going when most of the players involved don’t have anything to care about other than living or dying.

Anyhow, that aside, after a small foreshadowing event shortly before the PCs arrived in town, things started moving smoothly, and the players became involved. So, what follows is a summery of the session.

The session opened with the party, poor, destitute adventurers that they are, traveling on foot. Heading west to make their names in Waterdeep. It had been a long day of walking, the characters were looking forward to reaching the town on the horizon and having a roof over their heads. A few miles outside of town, the dwarf cleric notices something unusual. About a quarter mile off the road, there seemed to be half a dozen very dense, dust devils gathered in one spot. He managed to dredge up old stories from memory that these were Air Elementals. They were long gone by the time the party got to the spot to investigate. Finding nothing useful at the site, they continued in to Red Larch.

That evening, two of the characters with the Entertainer background sang for their supper, managing to provide room and board for the party. During this, the rest of the party started hearing rumors. Garbled at first, through several minutes of roleplaying, they managed to sort out three rumors. As it was getting late, they decided to find the source of the rumors the next morning.

The following morning, they managed to discover that there may be a haunted tomb, a possible plague camp, and some bandits near town. After negotiating a bounty on the bandits, should they be able to find and eliminate them, the adventurers decided to head to where they had been told the tomb was located.

A few hours later they arrived at the tomb. Fearing what they might find, they scouted the area.

They discovered the remains of a campfire that had been used recently, but nobody seemed to be around. So they proceeded to investigate the tomb. The rogue barely managed to locate and disable the alarm trap on the door. But barely still works. So they proceeded cautiously down the tunnel to a small chamber, where after a few minutes of poking around they moved to try opening a rusted iron door.

They were somewhat surprised to hear a voice  that, when they looked came from a ghostly figure, demanding that they “LEAVE MY MASTER’S TOMB!”.

Attempting to talk to the ghost gained them little information beyond that the tomb belongs to a long dead warrior, who’s name has been lost to time, followed by repeated demands that they leave.

At this point the wizard pointedly told the ghost “No, I don’t think we’ll be leaving.” At which point the ghost attacked her. Stunned silence at the table for a moment as the surprise attack resulted in a critical hit, instantly killing the wizard. The rest of the party leapt into action and quickly destroyed the ghost.

Continued searching of the tomb found a chest with some jewelry. And a fight with a flying sword. No injuries were taken during this fight.

Happy with the haul from their first adventure outing, they headed out of the tomb and into a confrontation with just outside the entrance with a goblin and a half-ogre. Not looking for a fight, the goblin informed them that if they gave up the loot from the tomb, they would be allowed to leave. A bit of roleplaying and a very successful Deception roll later, the goblin and half-ogre wandered off clutching the remains of a broken formerly flying sword, complaining about wasting time on worthless grave sites.

The group of surviving adventurers then decided to look for the bandit camp about 15 miles away. Because it was a hireling NPC, I fudged the rules a bit. I ruled that the wizard was not dead, but merely in a coma for several days.

After tracking down the bandits for a couple of days, they found the camp. Scouting carefully, they worked up an ambush. The PCs really wanted to take out these bandits, because they’d managed to bargain a bounty out of the constable in Red Larch. 1gp per ear. (This was a miscommunication between players and DM. I had thought they’d settled on 1sp per ear, and had agreed to what I thought was 1gp for per 3 bandits. The players thought it had been agreed upon at 1gp per ear). Oh well, an unplanned 8gp won’t break anything, not when the total haul for the session averaged about 70gp per character.

However, their carefully planned ambush went somewhat awry. As they’re about to spring the ambush, the wizard regained consciousness… in a very loudly screaming way. The ranger quickly stifled the scream, but the damage had been done. The bandits were coming to investigate. Two of the bandits grabbed swords and started towards the sounds. The other two bandits began rapidly loading crossbows.

The ranger and the rogue still managed to surprise the two sword wielding bandits, quickly dispatching them. And then a bear broke out of a cage on a wagon, surprising the crossbow wielding bandits, and taking a swipe at one before heading into the woods.

The clawed up bandit had tried to shoot the bear and missed. The other bandit also tried to shoot the bear, but fumbled and dropped the bolt before he could fire. Amidst this confusion, the paladin and cleric charged from the woods and easily handled the two bandits.

A quick search of the camp turned up a nice pile of loot, and the party headed back to Red Larch.

And the scene fades away until next week.

D&D Adventurer’s League Pt. 2

And that brings us to Wednesday March 25. The previous Monday we had been handed our Elemental Evil player/faction packets. A few days before that, the DM for the Adventurer’s League had mentioned starting an in store AD&D 2nd Edition game, but wasn’t sure if he could manage running three games a week. So I offered to take over one of the Adventurer’s League nights to help out. We talked about it a bit, and we figured we’d decide another time. Wednesday shows up, what was supposed to be Session Zero for character building. As I arrived, I was informed that “Guess What? You’re running the Wednesday night D&D Encounters sessions.”

I had no notice, and at that moment, no access to the Princes of the Apocalypse Encounters PDF. We quickly got that figured out and I ran home and printed it up. I then helped with character creation distractedly, while reading as fast as I could, because I was told we were expected to play that night.

We never did get started playing, since half the players had to leave early, and I don’t retain well when cramming.

So, there it is. I was officially running the, as close to by the rules as possible, D&D Adventurer’s League, D&D Encounters, Elemental Evil Story Season, Princes of the Apocalypse sessions.

Next post: Princes of the Apocalypse Session 1