On miniature scale and the difference 2 feet can make.


First off, yep, I got distracted and forgot about this blog for a while again. Partially on purpose, had some bad times the last few weeks. Won’t go into that more.

On to the purpose of this post. It will come as no surprise to my players that I really don’t like using miniatures for tactical combat in RPGs. For a tactical board game like Battletech or Renegade Legion, sure, but not for RPGs like D&D or GURPS. They slow the game down way to much. I prefer to use them as a visual aid to theater of the mind. “Okay, Branor the dwarf is standing over by the table, the rest of you are at the bar 30 feet away” with a map and minis placed appropriately. This means that the rest of the party can’t instantly leap to defend Branor from a sneak attack, which is to far away for them to effect in a timely manner.

Part of that is a fundamental non-comprehension of the scales involved on the part of most players and GM/DMs. Some of this devolves to the scale of the miniatures and how they’ve changed over the years, some of which I’ll explain below. Continue reading