D&D Adventurer’s League Pt. 2

And that brings us to Wednesday March 25. The previous Monday we had been handed our Elemental Evil player/faction packets. A few days before that, the DM for the Adventurer’s League had mentioned starting an in store AD&D 2nd Edition game, but wasn’t sure if he could manage running three games a week. So I offered to take over one of the Adventurer’s League nights to help out. We talked about it a bit, and we figured we’d decide another time. Wednesday shows up, what was supposed to be Session Zero for character building. As I arrived, I was informed that “Guess What? You’re running the Wednesday night D&D Encounters sessions.”

I had no notice, and at that moment, no access to the Princes of the Apocalypse Encounters PDF. We quickly got that figured out and I ran home and printed it up. I then helped with character creation distractedly, while reading as fast as I could, because I was told we were expected to play that night.

We never did get started playing, since half the players had to leave early, and I don’t retain well when cramming.

So, there it is. I was officially running the, as close to by the rules as possible, D&D Adventurer’s League, D&D Encounters, Elemental Evil Story Season, Princes of the Apocalypse sessions.

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