Princes of the Apocalypse Session 3 – The Necromancer dies.

Tonight was a short session. It involved a bit of exploration and the final fight in the Necromancer’s Cave.

Mostly more extremely cautious moving through caves and then killing stuff. At this point, even as 1st level characters, the party has become quite good at killing zombies. The skeletons and crawling claws threw them a bit, but no fatalities this session. Though there were a few close calls.

The gnome Rogue decided to sneak ahead, past the zombie construction tables, to try to take out the necromancer with a sneak attack. So he avoided most of the first part of the fight. By the time he got to the necromancer via stealth, the rest of the party was just left with final mop up against a pair of zombies and a swarm of crawling claws.

This was a good thing, because the necromancer turned out to be far more robust than he expected. He got one attack, the skeleton guards started closing on him, and he began fleeing back towards the rest of the party. He got back to them with several arrows sticking out of himself, with only one hp left.  He made it as well as he did, because a couple of other characters kept the necromancer occupied by shooting him full of arrows in return.

The ¬†necromancer began to flee towards his living chamber, but didn’t make it out of the room.

In general, the fights went as expected, no major surprises… except one. The barbarian decided that he wanted to catch one of the creeping claws, to keep as a pet. Well, that claw had other ideas. After easily avoiding a grab on an opposed Dex check, the claw attacked back – Natural 20! The whole fight so far had seen the claws missing a lot or doing 2-3 damage on successful hits. The barbarian ended up taking 7 damage, and almost died because he’d been hit previously.

Anyhow, all the denizens of the cave were dispatched, the place was scoured within an inch of it’s geological life in search of treasure. The party was happy to gain their first magic items, and a decent stash of gold.

As mentioned, it was a short play session. All to the good, considering only a couple characters had enough experience with 5th Edition to have leveled characters before. Half the table were either new to D&D 5e, or were new to RPGs in general. So we rounded out the evening with moving everyone to 2nd level.

And they were introduced to the first clue that something out of the ordinary was going on, the floating sigil of the Elder Elemental Eye.

The session ended with them returning to Red Larch just as night fell.

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