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Shambling Decay
A Campaign for All Flesh Must Be Eaten.
Now Converted to GURPS 4e.

This dead world setting is based on a long forgotten infection deep in the Amazon Jungle. A group of archeological students
stumbled into it while on a dig for a lost city.

As the game starts, there are news reports of rioting in Sao Paulo, and Rio de Janeiro, as well as a few other South American cities near Brazil.

The following are the events leading up to the outbreak in the fictional city of Pleasantville, West Virginia:

An archeological student returning from the dig in the Amazon basin, who was bitten on the way back to Sao Paulo, made the conversion to a living zombie as he was leaving the plane in Pleasantville. He immediately started attacking his fellow passengers and airline employees. Several were wounded; a couple of passengers were killed. The “dead” were taken to the morgue; the wounded were taken to nearby St. Martin’s General Hospital.

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